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1 the system of numbering pages [syn: pagination, page number, paging]
2 a sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book) [syn: leaf]
3 a book (or manuscript) consisting of large sheets of paper folded in the middle to make two leaves or four pages; "the first folio of Shakespeare's plays"

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From ablative singular form of folium


  1. A leaf of a book or manuscript.
  2. In the context of "paper": A sheet of paper once folded.
  3. In the context of "books": A book made of sheets of paper each folded once (two leaves or four pages to the sheet); hence, a book of the largest kind, exceeding 30 cm in height.
  4. In the context of "printing": The page number. The even folios are on the left-hand pages and the odd folios on the right-hand.
  5. A page of a book.
  6. a page in an account book; sometimes, two opposite pages bearing the same serial number.
  7. A leaf containing a certain number of words, hence, a certain number of words in a writing, as in England, in law proceedings 72, and in chancery, 90; in New York, 100 words.




  1. folio





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Folio may refer to:
  • In bookbinding,
    • A sheet of paper, parchment, or other material folded in half to make two leaves in a codex.
    • Mainly for manuscripts, a leaf (ie two pages). Manuscript pages are often traditionally physically marked with numbers, and referred to, by folio number, with "recto" for the first side and "verso" for the second - so "f.3v" would be "page 6" in a conventional count.
    • Book size, or Paper size, where folio is a book bound from folio sheets, usually 15" (38,1 cm) tall or more.
    • A book printed on folio pages, such as the First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays
  • Folio (typeface), a sans-serif typeface
  • Folio Society, publishers of fine illustrated books
  • Folio Weekly, a newspaper published in Florida and Georgia
  • FOLIO:, a monthly magazine covering the publishing industry.
  • Folio:, A new wave band from Los Angeles California.
  • The Palm Foleo, a subnotebook device
  • A term used in the hotel industry to describe a list of room charges for a guest (synonymous to an invoice or bill)
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acknowledgments, article, back, back matter, bastard title, best seller, bibliography, book, book end, book support, book table, book tray, book truck, bookcase, bookholder, bookrack, bookrest, bookshelf, bookstack, bookstand, bound book, catch line, catchword, chapter, classic, clause, colophon, coloring book, contents, contents page, copyright page, crown, dedication, definitive work, duodecimo, eighteenmo, endleaf, endpaper, endsheet, errata, fascicle, flyleaf, folder, fore edge, foreword, front matter, gathering, great work, half-title page, hardback, head, imperial, imprint, index, inscription, introduction, juvenile, juvenile book, leaf, limp-cover book, magnum opus, makeup, medium, nonbook, notebook, novel, number, octavo, octodecimo, opus, opuscule, opusculum, page, paperback, paragraph, passage, phrase, picture book, playbook, pocket book, portfolio, prayer book, preface, preliminaries, production, psalmbook, psalter, publication, quarto, recto, reverso, revolving bookcase, royal, running title, section, sentence, serial, sextodecimo, sheet, signature, sixteenmo, sketchbook, soft-cover, songbook, stack, standard work, storybook, subtitle, super, table of contents, tail, text, title, title page, tome, trade book, trim size, twelvemo, type page, verse, verso, volume, work, writing
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